Dem Candidate 'Not Sure' What Socialism Is

"Our democracy is threatened"

Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About Married Life ... And Drops A Surprise About 'Mile 22' Ending

'Happy wife, happy life'

Stephen Colbert Says Socialism Has Been Tainted In America And Bernie Sanders Disagreed

'People are sick and tired of the greed'

This Hype Video Will Have College Football Fans Going Wild

It's pure adrenaline

Netflix Star Is Trying To Make The NFL After Serving Time Behind Bars. Could He Pull It Off?

He used to be a big deal

Joe Scarborough Claims Robert Mueller Would Beat Donald Trump In An Electoral Landslide

'The guy has a 39 percent approval rating'

Alan Dershowitz Says Decision To Keep Paul Manafort Off The Stand Created A 'Strong' Defense

'Burden of proof is entirely on the prosecution'

We Have New Details About The Third 'Westworld' Season. It Sounds Like Pure Insanity

Will you be watching?

Fake News Brian Williams Is Back At It — Runs Shoddy Segment About Trump Hating Dogs

'An extensive web search'

CNN's Don Lemon Says Tape Of Trump Using The N-Word 'Wouldn't Change Anything'

'President seems immune'

Melee Breaks Out During Cleveland Browns Practice. The Videos Are Absolute Chaos

What is going on here?

Maxine Waters’ Birthday Wish: Trump’s Impeachment

‘I would wish that we could remove Trump from office’

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch Refers To Secret Service As 'Fluffers' Who Pump Up President Trump

'I just said that word. Didn't I?'

NFL Player Goes Wild After Opponent Rips His Helmet Off [VIDEO]

He didn't hold back

Bernie Sanders Insists Income Inequality Proves Something Is 'Fundamentally Immoral' About America

'That does not make sense'

John Brennan Security Clearance Revoked

'I have decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan'

#MeToo Activists Are Awfully Quiet About The Abuse Allegations Against Keith Ellison

Where's the outrage?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Asserts America 'Was Never That Great' And Has 'Not Reached Greatness'


How Is Linda Sarsour Connected To The New Mexico School Shooting Trainer?


Pelosi Calls McConnell A Racist - There's Just One Problem

Four Pinocchios

CBS Gives Bernie Softball Interview, Won't Ask How He Intends To Pay For Socialism

'We've run out of time'

Remember The Girl Who Got Pushed Off A Bridge? The Police Are Now Involved

Allegedly pushed a girl off a 60 ft bridge

NYT's Op-Ed Columnist Charles Blow Says Trump N-Word Tape Would Increase Support Among His Base

'This is exactly what they want him to do'

MSNBC Talks About Vermont Governor While Showing A Picture Of ... Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Eli Manning Reacts To Criticism With Laughable Comment


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